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Bart Marantz Plays Bach Selmer Trumpets and Flugelhorns exclusively.

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"Saralon Blues"
Written and Arranged By: Thomas Fredrickson
Publisher: Kendor Music, Inc.
Grade 3 1/2 Swing Tempo (Quarter Note) q = 116 $52.00
“Saralon Blues" is a swing blues in 12 measure structure, however it is important that it is not played too fast. This standard 12 form is maintained throughout the piece with no big surprises. Great emphasis though should be placed on dynamics and articulations. This will maintain the original concept for the piece and should be carefully observed if this chart is played to the composers original perception.

The piano solo at measure 9 is to be played as written, because the ensemble plays the same exact line later in the chart. The solo section at measure 57 may be played by any instrument. This area can be opened to the directors discretion for soloists and rhythm section accompaniment. The saxophone backgrounds are written well and can also be qued for the last chorus of each soloist.
“Saralon Blues" is a really nice setting for a hard swinging medium tempo blues and will help all players in the band to stretch their improvisation skills to the next level.

Top note for trumpet is written Bb above the staff

Bart Marantz