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By Dizzy Gillespie, Walter Gil Fuller and Luciano Pozo Gonzales
Instrumentation: Big Band
Arranged by Mike Tomaro
Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation
Grade: 5 1/2 Salsa Tempo = 100 $40.00

Salsa is defined as a mixture of Latin and Jazz music. “Manteca” is a classic in this style and Mike Tomaro has written an arrangement that Diz would have been proud of.

This big band chart is not for the beginning band and will require some knowledge of the style of Salsa and the instruments that perform it. Although there is a written auxiliary percussion part the director is encouraged to add these instruments as needed to really complement an already fine arrangement and add percussionist as he/she deems fit for the performance. This will take some listening to other pieces in this style on recordings and perhaps some amending to the written chart as produced by Mike.

This hard blowing percussion/brass filled arrangement is one that can be opened for soloists at call letter 49 both for instrumentalist as well as percussionists. This section can really take this already energizing chart to a new level of excitement with just a little imagination.

The brass parts are challenging and require a good lead trumpet and trombone player with excellent range and power. With these ingredients “Manteca” will leave your audience with a wonderful flavor in their ear and with a yearning for more.

Top note for trumpet C above the staff.

Bart Marantz