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"Blues For Cat"
By: Rob Vuono Jr.
Instrumentation: Big Band
Publisher: The F.J.H. Music Company
Grade 1 1/2 Swing Tempo = 120 $40.00

“Blues For Cat” is a medium blues with a catchy melody and slightly altered changes. Limited ranges (trumpet goes up to written C in the staff and trombone goes up to Db above the staff) and a repetitive rhythm (eighth note on the upbeat of 3 to quarter note on the downbeat of 4) make this chart ideal for beginning bands. This piece is scored so that it is playable with as few as three trumpets, one trombone and three saxes (two altos and one tenor).

At measures 12 and 25, trumpets play the melody with cup mutes; a slight accent on the upbeats will provide the proper feel. At measure 25, trombones join in with a unison response to the trumpets. At measure 37, the saxes pick up the lead. Piano solos and comping are fully notated with chord changes, as is the trumpet solo at measure 53. At measure 88 and 100, the triplets in the piano are most important because they set up the big shout chorus. They should be played as written and brought out dynamically.

“Blues For Cat” is an excellent tool for the learning the base from where all jazz comes from; the blues. With this chart in your beginning jazz band book the ensemble will not be young for long!

Top note for trumpet is C in the staff

This series comes with a CD of this piece recorded it it’s entirety.

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