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Bart Marantz Plays Bach Selmer Trumpets and Flugelhorns exclusively.

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"El Gato"
Written By: Fred Frisher
Arranged By: John Edmondson
Instrumentation: Big Band
Publisher: Queenwood/KJOS
Grade 1 1/2 Medium Latin (Cha Cha) (Quarter Note) q = 116-126 $48.00

“El Gato” is a grade 1 ½ Latin chart that draws its inspiration from the cha-cha. The rhythms are idiomatic of this style, and are repeated often to allow young students to fully assimilate them. The piano break beginning in bar 39 is very common in this style, and should be played with confidence.

The “Standard of Excellence Selections” by KJOS are designed to be played by the full jazz ensemble. “El Gato” is written for this kind of instrumentation but the chart will, however, sound full and complete when performed by as few as nine players. The instrumentation for the smaller ensemble needs to have 1st and 2nd alto saxophones, 1st tenor saxophone, 1st and 2nd trumpets, 1st trombone piano, bass and drums.

The solo section of “El Gato” (bars 47-54) is equally flexible and can be repeated as desired to accommodate multiple soloists. As with all Queenwood/KJOS “Standard of Excellence” charts a demonstration recording of the chart is attached to the arrangements jacket.

One unique opportunity in all “Standard of Excellence” charts are supplemental parts for flute, Bb clarinet, French horn and tuba. The parts are also adaptable for other non-standard jazz ensemble instrumentation. With all these advantages for young artists to learn jazz music and jazz styles there is no reason not to have “El Gato” by KJOS “Standard of Excellence” series in your book

Top note for trumpet is written F in the staff

Bart Marantz