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"Walrus Walk"
By: Dean Sorenson
Instrumentation: Big Band –“Standard of Excellence Jazz In Concert Series”
Publisher: KJOS Neil A. Kjos Music Company
Grade 1 Swing Tempo = 108 $45.00

“Walrus Walk” is a grade 1 medium swing tune that implies a minor blues, but never quite gets there! Instead, the solo section vamps over a ii V7 progression that never resolves. This progression leaves plenty of room for the soloists to move in many different directions harmonically.

The simplest way to produce a solo line is to use the G Dorian scale, as outlined in the improvisation study that comes as part of this educational chart. The more advanced students can try to use a C Mixolydian scale over the C7 chords, using G Dorian on the Gmin.7 chords only.

As with all “Standard of Excellence Jazz In Concert Series”selections, “Soft ‘N Gentle”is designed to be played by the full jazz ensemble. This chart however, will sound full and complete by as little as nine (9) musicians. As with all “Standard of Excellence Jazz In Concert Series”a CD of the arrangement accompanies the chart so the young artists playing the music can hear it first.

Also in this original arrangement is plenty of good ensemble writing for the young jazz ensemble. With good section writing and lots of open solo space there is really no reason not to have this piece as part of your next jazz concert for your young jazz ensemble.

Top note for trumpet E in the staff

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