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Bart Marantz Plays Bach Selmer Trumpets and Flugelhorns exclusively.

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"Take Only For Pain "
By: Frank Mantooth
Instrumentation: Big Band
Publisher: Kendor music, Inc.
Grade 5 1/2 Funk / Samba Tempo = 116 $45.00

“Take Only For Pain” is a difficult chart. It was commissioned by Austrian bandleader Sigi Feigl who requested this original to challenge his trumpet section. Frank Mantooth dose this very well but be ware; there is plenty of music here! Everyone will be to into the practice mode for some time.

The line for soprano and trumpet soloists is repeated for the sax section (on doubles) and the trumpets at measure 38. The head will come later for the saxes at measure 204. This is an angular, fourthy, Breckerish line and warrants some extra time in the shed until all players get their individual parts together. If the work is done all extra efforts will be rewarded.

The bottom feeders, bari, bass bone and bass get their chance to shine at the bridge starting at measure 56 with a line that isn’t much easier. When it’s worked out and lined up, the results can be overpowering.

If your band possesses the range and technical ability to execute the notes, performances of “Take Only For Pain” will be extremely gratifying for your players and audiences as well.

Top note for trumpet G above high C

Bart Marantz